What you can do

The Northern Ireland Fair Rates Campaign is a non-party political campaign group. We are seeking a fairer rates system for Northern Ireland. We will work with any group and all parties who support our campaign objectives.

You can contact your local Councillors, MLAs and MPs and ask them whether they support or oppose the proposed rating system. The more people who contact their political representatives, the greater effect this will have. You should also impress upon them the necessity for one voice in representing Northern Ireland on the rates issue. This has been done before, for example, after the BSE and Foot and Mouth crises in Northern Ireland.

Who are my political representatives? Link to the websites on the right for your council and constituency representatives.

Action Plan

  • Mobilise your local communities to gather signatures using the petition form as posted on our website (download and print off as many copies as you can get signed). Return your petitions to the address shown on the petition as soon as possible.
  • Download and print the Campaign’s poster in the same way and put them anywhere they are likely to impact on the public, even if it's your own front window.
  • Ask for a review of your valuation if you feel your property has been incorrectly valued.

    – There have been cases where semi-detached properties were valued as detached and vice versa.

  • – Check mycapitalvalueni.gov.uk to see if your valuation compares fairly with others in your local area.

    – The deadline for seeking a revaluation is six months from receipt of your notification from the Valuation and Lands Agency.

    – Note that valuations carried out on review, will be subjected to a reduction in value to reflect the percentage increase in house prices since January 2005.

  • Ensure that those who do not have access to this website are aware of what is required to further this campaign.

Useful websites

Local Councillors

MLAs: Constituency Map

MLAs: Contact