The Government’s decision to change the way our rates bills are worked out is at the heart of our campaign to get a fairer deal for those who have received exorbitant rate demands for 2007. The single capital value system used is based on the capital value of your property at 1st January 2005.

The injustices, the unfairness and unrealistic demands levelled against the people of Northern Ireland have been addressed elsewhere on the Website. This section is devoted to the valuations received by people who do not agree with the valuation of the property as assessed by the District Valuer.

Informal Review of your capital value

Those homeowners who believe the Government has incorrectly valued their homes have requested informal reviews of their valuations.

To date we believe that some fourteen thousand-review requests have been received at the Valuation and Lands Agency.

It is important to note that there is no time limit for submitting a request for informal review.

Other Methods of Appeal after April 1st 2007

Depending on the outcome of the informal review, the homeowner will have three further avenues of review/appeal:

  • apply to the District Valuer
  • review by the commissioner of Valuation; and
  • appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.

These will not be available until April 2007 if and when the new system is introduced.

It should be noted that anyone requesting a revaluation and the capital value is revised upwards after the review, the new valuation will be determined on the amount the property value would have been at January 1st 2005.

It is important that your request for informal review is made in writing, preferably by recorded delivery, which will mean you have verification of submission date and proof of delivery.

Regardless of the various appeal avenues this new system offers, in the majority of cases it will mean a financially crippling rates bill increase, once they are coupled with the proposed new additional water charges, come April 2007.

One thing is certain there will be no increase in your income to match these demands.

We would strongly impress on all the citizens of Northern Ireland to join in our campaign of civil, non-violent protest against this raft of unfair legislation.

Check this Website in the coming weeks, as it will be updated with further action to be taken in relation to the payment of the new rate demands as calculated under this unfair new system.


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